Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kaiden's Coming home outfit!

I have found it!!!!!!!!! After much searching I have finally found Kaiden's coming home from the hospital outfit. I am so excited. For those who don't know, or remeber. Makaylee's coming home outfit was a purple outfit that said "Daddy's little princess." (I was going to load a pic, but it is on a different computer) So I thought it would be cute for Kaiden's coming home outfit to say "Mommy's little Prince" Well, apparantly that is a lot easier said then done! I have been searching for a couple months now, and have not found one at all. Even online. So I gave up on that idea and had a back up outfit already picked out. I went to babies r us yesterday to get the remainder of the things we needed for Kaiden and I found it! It is new to the store, and I am so excited. Here is a picture of his outfit. I also have the matching bib:

Christmas is over!

Christmas was a success!!!!!!! We could not ask for a better reaction from Makaylee. She walked out into the living room and just stopped and gasped at everything. It took her a bit to come in then she started running from one thing to the next. The kitchen, fish, elmo couch, and easel. She didn't touch anything right away, and then she started playing. She LOVED everything. Well, everything except opening presents, and the rocking horse. We tried to get her to open the presents, but she just kept telling us no. So she watched us open the presents and played with the toys once they were out of the package. Makaylee also got a rocking horse that moves its head and tail and neighs from her Nana. She will not go anywhere near it and keeps saying "Bye Horseee" wheneve she see's it. We had to remove it from the living room.

Here are some pictures:

Her presents set up:

Here she is when she first entered the living room:
Looking at her gold fish. We got a real fish tank (10 gallons) that is now set up on her dresser in her room. This was just for Christmas morning. We named the gold fish Dorothy for the gold fish on Elmo's world and Hush for the gold fish on the goodnight show. Ever night we have to say goodnight to the fish now, and she says hi to the fish everymorning.
Exploring the kitchen:
So excited about the play food, which she LOVES

So that was our Christmas morning. Makaylee loved it. She was in a good mood all morning, then cranky the rest of the day. But she has been having a ton of fun playing with all the new toys. I am constantly picking up play food and kitchen accessories from all over the house, but she loves it! She makes a GREAT cup of tea and even spoon feeds it to you ;)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa is EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that is correct. The jolly happy man with a bowl full of jelly is EVIL! Just ask Makaylee. So we knew it was not going to go well when we got in line (only two people ahead of us) and Makaylee saw santa and started freaking out. Mike picked her up out of the stroller and we gently tried to show her Santa. I asked if she wanted to go see Santa and she calmly replied "No." She was okay at that point, until she realized we were not moving away from Santa and were in fact moving closer to Santa. By the time it was her turn to sit on Santa's lap she was gripping onto Mike's shoulder for dear life crying and saying no over and over again. We even tried to let her hold Elmo while she was sitting on Santa's lap but Elmo got thrown at Dad in her haste to grip on Dad's shoulders once more. Mike quickly put her in Santa's lap so that the picture could be taken, and she could be picked back up. This was the lovely shot we got:

After which Mike picked Makaylee up while I placed our order for the picture. But the screaming did not stop there! In fact, the screaming did not stop for a good 15 minutes after Santa was seen. Mike walked her down through the mall away from Santa and his "North Pole" set up until she could not see it. When I caught up with them they were down a deserted Mall corridor and she was still screaming. She finally calmed down when we got her out of the Christmas dress so she could walk around with no memory of Santa near her. Hopefully next year will go better!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well, Halloween was not super successful :) We went to the mall. But Makaylee was a little freaked out by all the people. She was also very popular in her punk rocker costume, so she didn't like all the strangers pointing at her and trying to say hi. She did okay trick or treating. We have been working on her saying trick or treat all month, and she actually did say it to everyone who gave her candy. More like "tic teet." Then her boots started hurthing her feet, so when we tried to get her to walk she would sit down. After a little bit she told us she was all done and wanted to go night night. So we left. She was not very cooperative for pictures either, but I will share what we got:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some Halloween pics

Ok, this is not the final costume, we are going to try for makeup tonight for trick or treating, but this is what she looked like at Dad's office today:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Pictures :)

Ok, rather than post the pics here, I loaded a bunch to my photo bucket account. Here is the link:

There are pics of Makaylee at the fair, circus, coloring, and her photo shoots. She likes to hand me the camera and take pics of her, then she likes to see all the pics I took. So there are some samples of that. Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My daughter the genius :)

So, I know every parent thinks their kid is the smartest kid. But seriously. Makaylee has been suprising even Mike and I. In the past month she has learned how to say and identify shapes. At 16 months old my daughter can say and point out circle, oval, diamond, triangle, star, rectangle, and we are working on square. She has also become a dangerous little parrot. If we say something, she will repeat it. I tell her she is crazy, and she repeats it right to me. So we have to really watch our language slip ups. She also said her first sentence last week, which lets Mike and I know what kind of child we will be dealing with. Her first sentence was "No Mama, no, no, no, no!" I asked her if she wanted to get dressed and that is what she replied to me. When your childs first sentence is to tell you no, you know you are in for a good battle of wills!

The fair was going on the past two weeks, and we bought season passes at Costco so that we could take Makaylee on the rides and see all the animals. You are supposed to be two to ride the rides, but Makaylee is a bigger girl, so we got her on the rides. She was not to impressed with them. She LOVED the fun house. Mike took her on the giant slide, and I took her on the swings. She enjoyed both of those, but not to impressed with either of them. I took her on the carosel, hoping that she was over the fear she developed of it a couple months back, but no such luck. She freaked out on the carosel, crying most the time on it. When we got off the ride she dived from me to Mike who was safely outside the carosel gates. She really enjoyed watching it go around though, but stayed far enough away that she was not in danger of having to ride it again. As unsuccessful as the rides were, the animals were the complete opposite. Makaylee was totally in love with the animals. We have been working on animal sounds for quite some time, and she is really good with them, but actually seeing some of the farm animals was quite different. We go to the zoo, but at the fair the animals are really close, instead of far away in a cage. She LOVED the cows, they were her favorite. Though she refuses to say cow, and instead Moo's when she wanted to go see them. I think we walked around the barns at least 5+ times and she was highly empressed each time.

Makaylee has also discovered art in the past week. She has been coloring with crayons for awhile now, but never to impressed with it. With her obsession with shapes I got the idea to cut out shapes and let her glue them on a piece of paper. She LOVED it. We did shapes, and I let her play with stickers, and crayons. She is having so much fun. She keeps going to the table and telling me she wants to color. Yesterday we tried play doh, and she was having fun with the feel of it. Of course she did keep trying to eat it. She got a little piece in her mouth, they are quick! My picky eater actually enjoyed the taste of the play doh, so she kept trying to eat more, so we had to pack up the play doh for the day. Back to the crayons and stickers.

I have been having sentimental times going through Makaylee's first year of baby clothes. Now that we know we are having a boy I can stop storing Makaylee's clothes. They are so tiny! It is amazing how much she has changed in the past 16 months. I am planning on selling the clothes on ebay, only keeping a select few.

Kaiden is doing well. I have finally gained my first 3lbs, *sniff*. He is breach at the moment, so must of his kicks are on the bottom of my belly and right into the bladder. But that makes it difficult for Mike to feel on the outside as most of them are to low. I would be worried that he is breach, except for the fact that I am having a c-sec so it is not a big deal, plus he still has plenty of time to turn around. The biggest problem of him being breach is his head is pushing and causing my heartburn to be HORRIBLE this time. With Makaylee, if I took my Zantac medication then my heartburn was mostly under control. Last night I had taken my medication and taken 4 tums and the hearburn was still horrible. My next appointment is on Oct 4 and it is my Diabetes test, which I am not looking foward to. Last time I was so sick feeling all day. Plus I hate giving blood!

I guess that is it for now. Nap time is almost over. I will try and post pics tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our Busy labor day weekend!

Well, I was suppose to go out of town for a girls weekend over labor day, but I chose not to go after Makaylee's hospital stay. I just couldn't bear to leave her yet! But we had a great weekend. On Saturday we went to the park and had a nice picnic. Makaylee had a ton of fun picking the "flowers" (aka weeds) out of the grass to smell them. She did put them right back when she was done smelling them. She also had fun playing with the dirt under the trees.

Sunday we went up to south center so Mike could pick up something for his new mountain bike at REI. We went to the mall, and just had another family day. We took Makaylee to the spray park that evening and she had so much fun. What a difference from the last time we took her. Every other time she wanted to hold our hand and needed help walking around. She has finally developed enough confidence to walk around on her own.

She had so much fun!

I took some belly pics yesterday :) So, here I am at 21 weeks at 1 day. The stretch marks are not new, just a gift from Makaylee :)

We also got our stroller!!! I have had my eye on the Peg Perego Duette since we found out we are pregnant. However it is $800! So, I have been keeping my eye on craigs list. We found one! It is the previous model, but still has all the features I wanted. My favorite being that I can flip the seats around in any pattern. So the kids can face each other, face out, face foward, face me, or back to back. I LOVE it. It has great shocks, and great storage. We are going to try it for the first time with Bailey at the puyallup fair sometime this weekend or next week when we go with Tabi and Spencer. So here are some picks:

Makaylee's hospital stay

Last weekend Makaylee had her first hospital stay. :( For those who haven't heard it, here is the story:

Makaylee had been teething and cranky all week. We put her to bed Saturday night and she was perfectly fine. She was totally normal all day long. At 12:30 she woke up screaming. I ran into the room and she had thrown up all over herself. I started stripping her and took her into the bathroom and Mike came running. She felt really hot so we took her temperature and it was at 106.0 We freaked. Mike called the DR while I cleaned her up with a wash cloth. The nurse took our info and said she had to contact the DR to call us back. After getting Makaylee cleaned up and running a cool wash cloth over her we got her fever down to 104.4. So we decided to leave and go to the hospital.

We got triaged really quickly and they took her temp at 103.6 and gave her a rectal tylenol. Then we waited almost an hour to get back to see the doctor with her screaming and miserable pretty much the whole time. The DR saw us and said she had an infection with a fever that high so we just had to find out where. They had to do a catheter to get a urine sample, draw blood, put in an IV, get chest x-rays. It was HORRIBLE. We had to have 2-3 people to hold her down for almost everything and she just screamed the whole time. The test results started coming back and she has a urinary tract infection. We started to relax until the DR said in infants her age it required IV medication and they had to find the cause so we were looking at a 1 to 2 day hospital stay. Thank goodness the UTI is the only infection she had and they immediatly started her on Antibiotics and fluid through the IV. By sunday evening her fever was down to between 100-101. The DR contemplated sending us home that night, but decided against it. She had to get an ultrasound done on her kidneys and bladder. The 3 possible causes of a UTI in a child her age are a kidney deformality, a kink in one of the tubes connecting the kidney and the bladder, or bacteria from a BM got into her urethra. We had the ultrasound on Monday, but not until 6:00 at night, so we didn't get home until later Monday evening. Makaylee's fever is gone, and we were sent home with antibiotics. She is feeling much better.

We had a follow up with our pediatritian on Thursday. She said she wants to have a test run on Makaylee to check to see if she has Kidney reflux. She likes to do it on every child that has a UTI under the age of 3. If she does have kidney reflux and it is not treated then her kidney's could fail. So here is a link to a website for kidney reflux info:

Here is a link for the test that she has to have done:

Our pediatrician said that the test is not pleasant and we have to get it done at the childrens hospital in Seattle. She also has to have it done with her daughter next month because she just got over a UTI. Her daughter is 6 months younger than Makaylee. So we have some time before the test, but I am not looking foward to it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kaidens room theme

Kaidens room will be the old guest bedroom. Which we already have painted a light cappacino color with green carpet. So we tried to find a theme that would go with these colors. We could repaint without a problem, but changing the carpet is another story. Here are some pictures of the room right after we got the carpet in:

So here is the nusery set we are thinking about going with:

We have decided to not purchase a new crib for Kaiden. Instead Makaylee will be getting a new bedroom set, and Kaiden will be using her crib, changing table and dresser. We figured this would be better rather than having two cribs. Plus her stuff is like brand new anyway. So, that is the plan at the moment!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby is a boy! Say hello to Kaiden William.....

Profile.....Is it possible for him to have my big lips already?
Face and belly

It's a BOY! There is a tiny arrow pointing to his boy parts!
The ultrasound went great! The tech actually remembered us from Makaylee. Kaiden was SUPER active to the point where she had trouble getting all her measurments, but she got them eventually. We were in there for about 25 minutes. He was flipping and turning every time she tried to measure something. The first couple of times she tried to get the gender shot Kaiden had his legs crossed, and Mike was getting really nervous that we wouldn't be able to tell. Then she was checking out his belly and he spread his legs and she froze it cause his little boy parts were right there. I thought Mike was going faint when she said "there is his Penis!" She knew he wanted a boy. So it was really cool. The tech said that it was a perfect ultrasound because he was in a wonderful position right on top. Which would explain why he has been so super active. We could really tell everything we were looking at and got some great pictures. Mike also got to feel him kick for the first time last night. So everything looks good and now we will have one princess and one prince! The tech gave us a ton of pictures. I wish we could share the video, but it is on VHS and I don't have the right tools to get it onto the computer. I wish they would get a DVD recorder, but this was our last ultrasound with them, so I guess it is not a big deal. We do plan on getting a 3D ultrasound in California like we did with Makaylee so our family can experience it with us. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Our House is painted!!!!!!!

We painted our house! Here is our before:

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Here is the after:

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The body is green, but we added a red accent seen below. Our deck out back is going to be painted the same color. We will be painting the deck in the next month or so, so I will post pictures when the deck is done. Hope you like it!!!!

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Makaylee is walking! Sorry for not sharing these sooner, but here are her video's. She is really getting good at it now. I think she forgets that she can walk sometimes because she will start crawling somewhere but if we tell her to "Stand up and Walk" she will stand right up and walk to where she wants to go. She does not like to go on uneven surfaces. So like between the hardwoods and the carpet she will get down and crawl past. Or if she steps on anything in her path she gets down and starts to crawl. But she is doing really well, and I am sure she will be a full time walker before we know it!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Makaylee at the beach!

We went to the beach over the weekend and had a ton of fun. Makaylee LOVED the beach. I only wish it had been warmer because the weather never got above 65. She she didn't really get to get into the water to much. She loved walking around in the sand, and bending down to pick it up.

As you can see from the pictures she has FINALLY started making progress on the walking front. She is standing on her own now and taking steps! YAY! I think 5 is the total now, but she is starting to walk more on her own free will as appose to us behind her trying to coax her into it. So I am sure we will have a walker any time now.

Makaylee has really started to catch on a lot to the baby sign language. It is so wonderful being able to communicate with her. She tells us what she wants when she wants it. It makes life a lot less frustrating for everyone in the house. Well, enjoy the pictures!

Ultrasound Photos!

We had our appointment last week and everything looked great. My official due date is January 13, but my estimated c-section date is January 7. So looks like my dates were really close. Baby was very mellow and slept through the whole affair. (S)He had their hand covering their face the whole time. So that is a hand right above the head. My next appointment is July 16!