Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kaiden's Coming home outfit!

I have found it!!!!!!!!! After much searching I have finally found Kaiden's coming home from the hospital outfit. I am so excited. For those who don't know, or remeber. Makaylee's coming home outfit was a purple outfit that said "Daddy's little princess." (I was going to load a pic, but it is on a different computer) So I thought it would be cute for Kaiden's coming home outfit to say "Mommy's little Prince" Well, apparantly that is a lot easier said then done! I have been searching for a couple months now, and have not found one at all. Even online. So I gave up on that idea and had a back up outfit already picked out. I went to babies r us yesterday to get the remainder of the things we needed for Kaiden and I found it! It is new to the store, and I am so excited. Here is a picture of his outfit. I also have the matching bib:

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