Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Up for auction! TODAY ONLY!

I have up for auction two beautiful children. Give yourself an instant family! (No returns, refunds or exchanges available)

The first is a young girl who just turned two (the terrible twos). She is a wonderful sleeper (with the exception of today where she woke up half way through her nap crying and refused to go back to sleep). Very opinionated (wants Elmo on TV all day long), vocal (screams when Elmo is refused), a great eater (if the item in question involves chocolate), comfortable with her appearance (refuses clothing at all cost), loves to explore (pull items off counter, shelves, etc and hide them around the house), loves to play (spread toys all over without hesitation), cuddly (wants to sit on the couch all day watching television or reading books cuddling without letting Mom up to get brother, or get anything done around the house), loves to cook (will not let you in the kitchen without being right there at all times "assisting") and sensitive (cries if your voice is raised in the slightest bit).

The second is a four month old bouncing baby boy! He is extremely active (does not sleep), ahead in his development (cutting teeth and refusing to eat), affectionate (will not be put down for more than 5 minutes), loves to change clothes (has several blow outs of poop a day), extremely vocal (screeches like an injured cat when he is unhappy), observant (refuses to be left alone in a room for a minute), loves water (produces enough saliva to drown an ant colony on a daily basis) and stunning blue eyes, a real attention grabber (has blocked tear ducts that require massaging and ointment several times a day along with producing a lovely snot like substance constantly).

You cannot pass up this opportunity! I am sure my happy children will return tomorrow!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our little girl is 2!

I cannot believe it has been two years since Makaylee was born. On the other side of the fence, it seems like she has always been here. Her birthday party was yesterday, and it was a huge success. We had it at pump it up party In case you want to check it out. When we first opened the door to the party room, Makaylee went running as fast as she could in the opposite direction screaming "NO!" But she warmed up real fast and had a blast! She did so great climbing on everything and going down the slides. The second bounce room she pretty much stayed in the bouncer that had basketball hoops and lots of balls to play with. Mike took Kaiden down a slide, though he was not to impressed. She even unwrapped some of her presents after Bailey showed her the ropes. Makaylee said "I excited!" when opening presents. She did try and blow out the candle, and did so with my help. We have been telling her for weeks that she was having an Abby Cadabby party with cupcakes, chocolate, and cake balls. So she was super excited when she got to have her cake ball and chocolate. After the party we went to Toys R Us to pick up the tricycle for her birthday. Mike tried to get it before the party, but the Toys R Us he went to didn't have it, so we stopped after the party. We got home and Mike opened the box and Makaylee was even more excited to see the bicycle than she was for anything all day. She kept climbing on it when Mike was putting it together, and tried to help him. We took her outside for her first ride on the trike and she LOVED it. Unfortunatly it started pouring, so we had to bring it in. She then spent the next half our or so sitting on the bike singing songs, and refusing to get off.

Mothers day and Makaylee's real birthday was today, and Mike let me sleep in. Although, sleeping in with Kaiden was only until 8:30 and Makaylee got up at 8, so it wasn't that great. Mike and Makaylee made me breakfast which was buckwheat pancakes and eggs. YUM. Makaylee is great at making pancakes. She even makes them in her play kitchen. Last night I was searching craigslist and found a swing set by little tikes that I have wanted to get Makaylee and have been watching craigslist for. They also had a playhouse. For $150 I got both and I am so excited. It needs to be cleaned, but the swing set is normally $450, and the house around $200. Mike is going to borrow a friends pressure washer and we are going to get it all cleaned up. For now both items will be set up on the deck out back because then Makaylee will be able to play with them even if it is raining. Once summer is here and the sunshine is more consistent then we will move it on to the grass. We also had to exchange Makaylee's trike. The front wheel (which came fully assembled) squeeked every time it turned, and Mike tried to fix it, but could not. So we took it back to Toys R Us. The bike we had was a pink princess Huffy trike with a parent push handle and canopy. We exchanged it for a primary color radio flyer trike with a similar push bar and canopy. We decided to go with the radio flyer instead of the Huffy because it just seemed like higher quality and we didn't want a repeat of the same problem.

Instead of posting all the pics on the blog, follow this link to see the pics: