Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby is a boy! Say hello to Kaiden William.....

Profile.....Is it possible for him to have my big lips already?
Face and belly

It's a BOY! There is a tiny arrow pointing to his boy parts!
The ultrasound went great! The tech actually remembered us from Makaylee. Kaiden was SUPER active to the point where she had trouble getting all her measurments, but she got them eventually. We were in there for about 25 minutes. He was flipping and turning every time she tried to measure something. The first couple of times she tried to get the gender shot Kaiden had his legs crossed, and Mike was getting really nervous that we wouldn't be able to tell. Then she was checking out his belly and he spread his legs and she froze it cause his little boy parts were right there. I thought Mike was going faint when she said "there is his Penis!" She knew he wanted a boy. So it was really cool. The tech said that it was a perfect ultrasound because he was in a wonderful position right on top. Which would explain why he has been so super active. We could really tell everything we were looking at and got some great pictures. Mike also got to feel him kick for the first time last night. So everything looks good and now we will have one princess and one prince! The tech gave us a ton of pictures. I wish we could share the video, but it is on VHS and I don't have the right tools to get it onto the computer. I wish they would get a DVD recorder, but this was our last ultrasound with them, so I guess it is not a big deal. We do plan on getting a 3D ultrasound in California like we did with Makaylee so our family can experience it with us. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics!

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Jenna said...

Congratulations!! You don't know me, but I was googleing my kid's names just to see what poped up, and got to your webpage- I also have a Makaylee! Makaylee Elizabeth Hope Moore was born in January 2000. She has an older sister, Jacelyn (10) and a younger brother, get this . . . Caden Thomas Moore, who is 5! Might I ad that you have really good taste in names! Anyway, couldn't let this pass without saying hello and good luck to you as you raise a Makaylee and Kaiden!
Jenna Moore