Saturday, April 21, 2007

I HATE teething!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My poor baby is having such a rough time right now. She is teething. She is getting 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom. Two teeth have actually cut through, but the rest are just making the gums swollen and her miserable. She was up every two hours all night long just crying and she has a fever. I know the fever is from the teething because she has nothing else wrong. She just sounds like she is in so much pain when she cries. I hope the teeth pop through soon. I am almost glad that she is working on 6 teeth at once just so we can get it over with, but it seems like these teeth are taking forever to come in. This weekend is the spring fair, and the daffodil parade was today. We were so excited to take Makaylee to the parade and she was just miserable so we left after about 15 minutes so she can come home and nap. I hope she is feeling better either when she wakes up or tomorrow so we can get some good fair time in. We took her Thursday night, opening day, and nothing was open. So it was a bust. Luckily Mike's company has a booth at the fair so we get in for free.

Makaylee did succesfully stay with a new baby sitter last night. Yeay Makaylee! It was a friends niece. She drove over here and got here about 45 minutes before I had to leave. I let them play together in the living room while I finished getting ready to make sure she wouldn't freak out. Though everytime she saw me she would start crawling to me. I did have to turn on a baby einstein DVD when I left, but Melissa said she did okay after that. She did have a couple minor freak outs, but eventually went to sleep. Melissa also said she would be willing to babysit again. It will be nice to have someone come over here because usually we take her to Tabi's which is 20 minutes from here and then we have to transfer a sleeping baby home.

I left last night for Mike's quartly banquet for A plus Mortage. His office was the number one producing office! YAY Mike! He got to speak any everything. He did great in his speach and I am very proud of him. He was also the 2nd ranked net broker for personal loans in the company. Another Yay Mike!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


TMWA_04-02-2007_0090_1, originally uploaded by ssmiley908.

Makaylee and the easter bunny. She LOVED the easter bunny


012, originally uploaded by ssmiley908.

THis is her new thing with all empty cartons, bowls or anyting on the tray. She sticks it on her face just to make a bigger mess. But she has so much fun doing it!


030, originally uploaded by ssmiley908.

Makaylee LOVES the swing at the park. She is not amused with the slides at all, but this girl can swing for hours


035, originally uploaded by ssmiley908.

Ooops, Makaylee was so busy playing in her crib, she forgot to lay down before going to sleep :)


079, originally uploaded by ssmiley908.

Here is Makaylee's favorite new hide out, under the jumperoo. There is also a heater vent under there which makes a great drum!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry I have been such a terrible blogger. I am going to try better, I swear. Just a quick update for today

Makaylee is fianally mobile. On her 10 month birthday she learned what we affectionatly called the peg leg crawl, Here is a videa why:

I am happy to say she is now a normal crawler.

Makaylee can wave, give kisses, dance (super cute, I will have to post a video), sometimes blow a kiss if the mood strikes her. She claps, does so big, she says dog, dada, and mama, and means all three. Sometimes she says hi and yay though we are not sure if this is on purpose or not. Her dog is also without the "g" sound. Mike has been trying to get her to do the "g" by sayind doooooooog to her so now she says dooooooooo when she copies him. Long o still no g. Again, super cute.

Makaylee has been working on getting her top 4 center teeth which makes for a miserable Makaylee lately, but she is getting better and I do have hopes those teeth will break through soon.

Makaylee is now officially a "wanderer" in our Little Gym class. This is what the kids who do not stay with their parents are called. Now that Makaylee can crawl as soon as we enter or class she leaves me to do her thing and doesn't look back. Though we made several errors today as she does not always watch where she is crawling to when she gets so excited. She just puts her head down and goes. So today we ran into a wall and balance beam. Also a mat, but that didn't hurt. I added some pictures to flickr and will try to add them to the blog