Friday, June 29, 2007

Makaylee at the beach!

We went to the beach over the weekend and had a ton of fun. Makaylee LOVED the beach. I only wish it had been warmer because the weather never got above 65. She she didn't really get to get into the water to much. She loved walking around in the sand, and bending down to pick it up.

As you can see from the pictures she has FINALLY started making progress on the walking front. She is standing on her own now and taking steps! YAY! I think 5 is the total now, but she is starting to walk more on her own free will as appose to us behind her trying to coax her into it. So I am sure we will have a walker any time now.

Makaylee has really started to catch on a lot to the baby sign language. It is so wonderful being able to communicate with her. She tells us what she wants when she wants it. It makes life a lot less frustrating for everyone in the house. Well, enjoy the pictures!

Ultrasound Photos!

We had our appointment last week and everything looked great. My official due date is January 13, but my estimated c-section date is January 7. So looks like my dates were really close. Baby was very mellow and slept through the whole affair. (S)He had their hand covering their face the whole time. So that is a hand right above the head. My next appointment is July 16!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Makaylee Update!

Our little toddler is still not toddling :) I think she is not walking just to drive us crazy! She is getting braver and starting to stand on her own a little more, but only for a few seconds. She is crawling at the speed of light though and can go from zero to in trouble in 2.6 flat :) Her favorite thing to crawl to is away from us and off the side of the bed. We have made several dive attempts to prevent her from going head first off the bed. She thinks it is the best gave ever!

Makaylee is getting really independent in her play. Basically if you are in the same room, she is good. She will play on her own and do her thing. But she doesn't like it when you leave the room. Luckily she can follow us by crawling. Our biggest problem with the crawling is Zoe is loosing her winter coat and there is white dog hair all over the floor. I vacuum almost every day and the floor is still covered in dog hair. Which means Makaylee's knees, and hands are covered in dog hair as well.

We got a swing and sand box for Makaylee out on our deck now. She LOVES both of them. She starts giggling as you walk out to the swing getting so excited to go on them. The sand box is only for bath nights because she is a pro at getting sand everywhere.

Well, that is about it for now. Hopefully we will be updating on the walking soon!

Pregnancy update

Well, there is really not much to update about yet. My first appointment still isn't for another 2 weeks. June 18, the day after fathers day. I am still exhausted and napping every afternoon with Makaylee. Then going to bed usually by 9, sometimes I can make it till 10. My morning sickness is coming and going throughout the day. I got a pill called morning sickness magic and it is really helping. The only problem is the cravings have started. If I am not craving something then I have to choke it down and it will usually upset my stomach. Last night I made dinner and everything tasted funny so I ended up not eating. Dinner was a basic marinated chicken, garlic bread, broccoli and potatoes with cheese. Everything was gross. LOL. Though Mike said that dinner tasted great to him! My belly is already starting to pop out a little bit, but truth be told it was still popping out from Makaylee :) So that is our update. Just waiting till our first appointment. We will have an ultrasound, so we will have pictures of baby then.

Pictures of Makaylee

I took these pictures of Makaylee today and just love them, so I wanted to share: