Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa is EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that is correct. The jolly happy man with a bowl full of jelly is EVIL! Just ask Makaylee. So we knew it was not going to go well when we got in line (only two people ahead of us) and Makaylee saw santa and started freaking out. Mike picked her up out of the stroller and we gently tried to show her Santa. I asked if she wanted to go see Santa and she calmly replied "No." She was okay at that point, until she realized we were not moving away from Santa and were in fact moving closer to Santa. By the time it was her turn to sit on Santa's lap she was gripping onto Mike's shoulder for dear life crying and saying no over and over again. We even tried to let her hold Elmo while she was sitting on Santa's lap but Elmo got thrown at Dad in her haste to grip on Dad's shoulders once more. Mike quickly put her in Santa's lap so that the picture could be taken, and she could be picked back up. This was the lovely shot we got:

After which Mike picked Makaylee up while I placed our order for the picture. But the screaming did not stop there! In fact, the screaming did not stop for a good 15 minutes after Santa was seen. Mike walked her down through the mall away from Santa and his "North Pole" set up until she could not see it. When I caught up with them they were down a deserted Mall corridor and she was still screaming. She finally calmed down when we got her out of the Christmas dress so she could walk around with no memory of Santa near her. Hopefully next year will go better!

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