Sunday, May 17, 2009

Candyland Birthday Party

My baby is 3! Can you believe it? I cannot believe she is 3. Her party was Saturday, and Makaylee was sooooooooo excited. Maybe so excited is an understatement. She talked non stop about her candyland birthday party all week and kept begging to go to it. Of course it was the normal combo party with Bailey. Bailey is 4! So her are some pictures going backwards.
Here are the girls blowing out the candles:

Here is the candyland cake. Makaylee says she made it and Mommy helped. All the fondant work took me days to do, and it was my first tiered fondant covered cake, but I am happy with the results. Of course it was destroyed in seconds!

For the main activity we had a candyland board drawn on the sidewalk. The kids drew colored cards and played the game for real. As they passed each station they got candy building their goody bags as they go. Makaylee and Bailey were the only two who lost interest in the game and took off halfway through. But it was still fun!

Here is the sugar cookie trail on the candyland table set up.

Here is our candyland table. There was a ton of candy! The kids were thrilled, the parents, not so much. But they got distracted by the water balloons, bounce houses, and candyland game real quick.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kaiden and the dog door

Yes, kaiden is dog door trained, we are so proud. He goes missing out on the deck any chance he gets. The dogs are not happy we had to cut off their constant access to the backyard so Kaiden stays in the house.

Kaiden and the dog door

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love rich chocolatey ovaltein!!

After trying every milk combination possible. Hot and cold plain milk, chocolate, and strawberry (both hot and cold), soy milk, rice milk, smoothies made with milk and yogurt, we finally found something that Kaiden will drink. Ovaltein! Thank goodness Grandma was here and she drinks ovaltein and decided to give it a shot. I am happy to announce that I am done breastfeeding and Kaiden is on whole milk with ovaltein!

More ovaltein please!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kaiden walking!

I forgot to add the video of Kaiden walking:

Kaiden in Pictures!

Kaidens first snowfall, here is Daddy with the kids back in December:
Here is Kaiden in the snow. This is the one picture of him smiling sitting in the snow because shortly after he decided he hated the cold!

Here is Kaiden in the wagon at zoo lights. He HATED it. He hated having to be bundled up in all the clothes and he hated the cold. He was not amused by the lights at all.

Hating zoon lights

This is kind of out of order, but I love this pic of Kaiden climbing into the dishwasher at Nana's house:
Reminds me of Simba from the lion king roaring on pride rock :)

Here he is on his first plane ride:

He loved looking out he window:

Here is Kaiden on Christmas morning. he was not that impressed with the presents, but he loved the paper:

He does love his little glow sea horse.

Birthday boy:

Kaidens first birthday party

Sleeping after the party

Trying to climb up the slide

Playing on the deck:

And here is a little video of Kaiden playing on our slide out on the deck. He goes down the slide head first, something Makaylee still wont do. Heck, when we bought the play system makaylee wouldnt go down the big slide for at least two months!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am alive

I am working on some new posts, I promise.

The kids are healthy.

Makaylee is learning to read, yes I said read. She tells us she is a genius. And I am partial, but I think she is :)

She is also finally pooping in the potty. It is a fight every time, but she is starting to do it.

Kaiden is walking. Not a full time walker, but deffinetly on the way.

He is also starting to talk. I think now that he is mastering the physical development, he has started to move onto mental because all of a sudden he has several new words. Mama, Dada, All done, More, uh-oh, and weeeee (that one he picked up from Makaylee). Not bad for just turning one!

Saturday, December 13, 2008