Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lets Try this again

Ok, I have decided to give this whole blogging thing another go. Cause, basically, I suck at it, but I really want to try again :) Once a week is a good goal right? Shouldn't be to difficult :) I cannot believe how quickly time goes by. Makaylee is growing up so fast and it seems like every day brings something new she can do. Mobility is still out of our reach, though I don't think for long. Makaylee has shown no interest in crawling unless you consider scooting herself backwards as a sign of crawling. But she LOVES to walk. If you give her your hands she pulls herself right up to a standing position. She will either walk wherever she wants to go or jump. Did I mention she is a jumpaholic?? I am not kidding. The kid will jump in her jumperoo for hours if we let her. Darn naptime always interupts her. But if yo uwill let her she will also jump on you which is a great way to get a good arm workout. We bought her a walk behind toy the other day. You know the type that you can either ride on or walk behind to help them walk. She does okay with it. We have to kind of keep her centered, but she can get in a good couple steps on her own. She is even starting to stand for a few seconds on her own. We suspect she may skip that whole crawling thing and go straight to walking. She is great in her walker. She can go wherever she wants to go in it. If she gets herself stuck in a corner she knows how to back up and get going again. Gotta keep a close eye on her because we can turn our heads for a second and she is heading down the hall or to the door. Her favorite thing to do is corner the dogs in the coat closet. We keep the door open because they love to sleep in their on some blankets. We call it their cave. Anyway Makaylee has figured out that her walker fills the doorway so she can trap them in there and get them to kiss her, or she just pulls on their ears, cheeks, or anything they get near her. Zoe doesn't particularly like it when we leave her stranded in there, but it keeps Makaylee entertained, so unfortunatly that is how it goes! Honey just barrels her way out and pushes the walker out of the way, but Zoe is to much of a chicken to do that.

Christmas was as successful as Christmas with a seven month old who HATED to unwrap presents can be. She pretty much would start crying when we tried to get her to help unwrap the presents. I am so glad I spent hours wrapping all her presents with pretty bows and such to unwrap them myself :) Not to mention her favorite toys are the cheapest ones. We started giving Makaylee pig tails. She looks like such a big girl with them. Here is a pictures of her with the pigtails and her Great Nana:

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Makaylee is no longer the youngest kid in her little gym class. It was so depressing this week. All the other kids use to point at Makaylee and say "BABY" but she blends right in with them now. THey were pointing at all the new babies and saying baby. It was so depressing. I cannot believe we are only 4.5 months away from her being 1 year old. So sad and exciting all at the same time. Makaylee's cutest new trick is clapping her hands, but not only does she claps. She claps when we sing "If you're happy and you know it" It is soooooooooo cute. Here is a little video I got of her doing it.:

One last thing to share. Here is probably one of my favorite pictures to date of Me and Makaylee on the carosel at the Zoo:

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