Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Makaylee is sick

Poor baby has a TERRIBLE cold. She got it from Bailey or Kiera, Bailey's cousin, on Friday night. Mike had an awards banquet for work which I am happy to say he got awards at. His office did great. Tabi and I also actually made it to the banquet which up until Friday we did not think we were going to. Neither of us could find a baby sitter. Then Tabi's sister said she would watch the girls. Three kids under the age of two and she had them all in bed before 8! We don't know how she did it.

Saturday we actually went out as a family to a Snow day in the park. They trucked in snow and had a snowman building contest and other fun activities, but it was too darn cold, so we didn't stay long. We left and went out to lunch. Then we went and got Makaylee's ears pierced! Yes we did. She did great and only cried for a minute or two and then was over it. Her crying scared the poor girl that was suppose to go next enough to not go through with it though. Here is a picture of Makaylee's new ear rings:

Not the best picture of the ears, but she is a total ham and every time she see's the camera she turns to smile at it, so this was the best I got.

Sunday we just hung out around the house. Makaylee learned to wave hi and bye and got it down really well on Sunday. I tried to get video of it, but of course she was not in the mood to share. She is now waving at everyone and everything. Sometimes with both hands she gets so excited.

She was having a great day yesterday then last night her nose started running. Of course Tabi and I had made plans to go to speed bingo that night. So I got her to sleep and left and she woke up screaming for Mike. He did great with her and let me stay out until about 10:45 when I got called home because he didn't know what else to do. Shortly after I left Tabi got the same call from home and had to go home to Bailey. So Bingo was a bust, though because we left so early I was only down $5. Makaylee was up every 45 minutes all night last night. Needless to say everyone in the house is exhausted. According to Tabi the cold should be moving into her chest next as it did with Bailey. We are trying everything to prevent it. What sucks is that tomorrow is their last day of class at the little gym for this semester and they get awards and little metals, but both Bailey and Makaylee are too sick to go. I am sure Makaylee will not notice the difference though as she is staying in the same class which starts up same time next week, Bailey however is graduating to the next age level for classes. THat is sad because they will not be in the same class anymore.

Today was pretty tough. Makaylee cannot breathe through her nose at all so that makes eating and sucking on the pacifier during nap time difficult. I didn't even get a shower today, which is where I am going when I am done here. First day in awhile that I had to skip a shower. Tonight doesn't hold promise to be too much better than last night as she has already woken up twice since we put her to bed. So send some healthy thoughts our way, both for Makaylee and Mike and I so we don't get sick with her.

Here are some pictures to share.

If you look close on this one you can see Makaylee's two bottom teeth poking through:

For those of you who don't know Makaylee is an Elmo addict. Everytime she hears or see's Elmo she smiles, so I pulled out all her Elmo stuff and here is a picture of her with her collection so far:

This picture I just wanted to share because she is so cute and looks so big to me:

Makaylee just woke up again, gotta go!!!!!!!!!

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