Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where does the time go? It is Thursday, and this seems like the week that will not end. We have been go go go all week. Monday started with our first class at little gym. Makaylee really liked it. She did spit up after the front roll, but at 3.5 months, what do you expect? She loved the wedge matt cause she could roll both ways down it. If only rolling was that easy all the time :) Then Tabi and I were off. Did I mention that Tabi and Bailey are in the class with us? Lots of fun. We went and got a coffee, then had to swing to toys r us cause Tabi forgot a cup for Bailey, then off to Babies R Us because I needed larger swaddlers. Makaylee still loves to be swaddled, and unfortunately the smells are just to small. We canceled our memberships at the old gym and joined the YMCA. Can you believe I have to pay $14 a month to be able to take Makaylee in the pool? If she wants to use the pool she has to have a membership. We cannot even take a Parent and me swim class till she is 10 months old. Ah well. It is amazing how long basic errands take with kids in tow. It doesn't help that they both fell asleep in the car so we drove around and extra 30 minutes or so for nap time. The things you do.

This week I started watching Bailey for Tabi. She needs to work a little so Tues - THurs from 10-3 I am suppose to watch Bailey. But Makaylee doesn't wake up from her first nap until about 10 so it is usually about 10:30 - 11. Would you know it? I can actually manage a 15 month old and a 3 month old at the same time. Bailey had two freak outs the first day, but we survived. Plus Tabi was only down stairs in her office, so mom was close.

Wednesday Tabi and I actually made it to the YMCA. We dropped the kids off at day care. At $1 per half hour, you cannot beat that for some Mommy time. Makaylee was asleep and she did great even after she woke up. Bailey was fine with all the other little kids and new toys, but after 30 minutes she got paged so we went to pick up the kids. Then we went into the pool. Both girls had a ton of fun. Makaylee kept giggling. So cute, wish I had brought the camera. The only problem was keeping her from sucking on her hands. Chlorine, not good. They both fell asleep on the way home, so that made baby sitting easy.

Today was another successful day baby sitting. I even got Bailey down for her nap, which is a big step. We only had one minor injury when Bailey was trying to share her juice in the sippy cup with Makaylee. She is so quick we didn't even see it coming, and Makaylee suffered a minor blow to the forehead. A quick cry and she was fine. They are so cute together. Bailey loves to give her kisses, and pick up the toys she knocks off the walker, they even play peek a boo. Makaylee lifts the bib to cover her face and Bailey pulls it down and says boo. So cute. The only problem we run into is Bailey loves to give Makaylee her pacifier. Well, she cannot seem to get it in her mouth and always sticks it by her eye, plus she pulls the pacifier out of Makaylee's mouth so she can put it in. But they are doing well together. Makaylee loves to watch Bailey, I think she is fascinated with her.

Well, that is about it, I will load some pictures tomorrow.

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