Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My First wedding!

I survived my first wedding! I was up until 2am pretty much all week last week, and till 4am on Friday. Then worked Saturday morning and successfully dropped off my cake bites at 3pm. The bride wasn't there. So I set them up and that was it. The table was getting flowers added to it and also to the top of the tier.

So here they are:

Cake Bites

Last week was also a busy week because my baby learned how to crawl! I need to get a video on here. I took one, but the size is to large to upload. With his new found skills he is on the go and into everything. He steals poor Makaylee's toys, and tries to grab her snacks. He also went from 3 naps a day to 2. So they no longer nap together. So sad :( Kaiden naps in the morning, then Makaylee's turn to nap in the mid afternoon, then Kaiden in the later afternoon. No break for Mommy. Which is bad for the house and Mom, but good for the kids. Because now they each have their own special Mommy time.

We took the kids to the fair yesterday and Makaylee LOVED it! We were so surprised at how well she did. They both loved all the animals. Which is no surprise. Makaylee has always loved the animals. She even had a conversation with a Llama. Well the Llama was talking and Makaylee was copying the noises right back to him. She thought she was pretty cool. We then went to the rides, and knowing our little chicken we were not expecting much. She did wonderful! She loved the giant slide, went on the air balloons that go up and down, swings, canoe ride, boats, and the slide some more. Oh and the carousel. Makaylee use to be terrified of the carousel and she loved it. We bought tickets to see the doodlebops on Sunday at the fair, and I am sure we will be riding more rides. I promise to post pics soon.


kari said...

Those look great Sarah!

Are they hard to make? I was thinking of trying them for a Christmas party.

Andi said...

Those look beautiful, and I'm so impressed that you did a wedding! Your business is really taking off, and I am proud of you :)

Sarah said...

Hey Kari! They are not difficult just time consuming. If you want to go ahead an make them email me and I can give you lots of tips :) SSmiley1010 at comcast dot net

Thanks Andi!