Wednesday, August 06, 2008


If you are a parent you know exactly what I am talking about. If you are not a parent, then I would try and explain it, but you would not listen. I didn't listen. People try and explain what being a parent is like, but I think the reason so many people go ahead with parenthood is because they have this dream vision of what parenthood is going to be like. Don't get me wrong, being a Mom is the best thing that I have ever done and I love it. It is also the hardest, most humbling thing I have ever done. Everyday I am faced with a new chalenge and a new decision that makes me question decisions I have already made. Every day my kids drive me so crazy I think I am going to loose it. Every day they almost bring me to tears with the amount of neverending love I feel for them and they feel for me. The moment your children are born everything changes. The moment you start wearing that Mama or Dada title everything seems to be so much larger than you thought it was before.

I will tell you one thing, being a Mom makes you respect, love and appreciate your Mom that much more. I love you Mom, and I miss you :)

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