Friday, February 22, 2008

Who's baby is this?

So we started the zantac yesterday. I would like to know who stole the screaming baby? No, seriously. Kaiden slept for.........are you ready for this? Four whole hours straight last night, followed by 2.5 hours. Holy cow! What life luxury is this? Then he took a two hour nap this morning, followed by a three hour nap. What a great day right? Of course the kids refuse to nap at the same time. I did have a slight overlap and rushed to take a shower all on my own. Without Makaylee sitting in the tub trying to steal my shower water. It was a nice luxury followed by Makaylee waking up. So, you would think it would be a good day right? Well, no. Makaylee has decided to take over her brothers roll of complaining, crying, and just plain crankiness today. I guess you win some, you loose some right? I am not confessing zantac as the miracle drug quite yet, because it could just be an off day for him, so I will keep you updated on the progress. But I have high hopes that this does continue and we can resume some resemblence of a scheduled life.

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