Monday, February 25, 2008

So far, so good!

Kadien has been sleeping a 4 hour stretch, followed by a 3 hour stretch every night since we started the zantac. We even got the two kids to take a nap at the same time on Sunday. Almost two full hours of kid free time! What did we do? Nothing to begin with! Then we got up and cleaned the kitchen and dining room. Followed by making some gluten steak. Huh? Gluten steak, what is that? It is vegetarian steak. It is super good for you, and our first patch actually wasn't to bad, a little tough, but we can work on it. You use it in place of regular steak in recipes, or just eat it as is. I am trying some tonight in a stir fry, so I will let you know how it goes.

Makaylee has started to get a littl rough with Kaiden, so keep your eyes open at all times! She is not trying to hurt him, quite the opposite, she is trying to help. She likes to help burp him, and was doing great for awhile, except now she wants to burp him all the time, so if he is accessible, she just walks up and starts hitting him to burp him wherever is available. Feet, head, belly, it doesn't matter. We keep trying to explain this doesn't work, but she isn't quite getting it, or she is ignoring us, so we have to keep a close eye on her. She also likes to cover him with a blanket since Mom does this all the time. She just thinks he needs to be completely covered with the blanket, head including. So watch out Kaiden, you are getting hit, and your sister is trying to smother you under a blanket, but she has good intentions! She is also taking care of her baby, burping the doll, and feeding her, it is super cute. Though I wish Kaiden went to sleep like her baby doll does. She chucks her on the ground and says "night night" and walks away. Wouldn't that be nice?

We are working on Kaiden putting himself to sleep. For several reasons. It is such a luxory that Makaylee puts herself to sleep, but we use to rock her to sleep. Teaching her to put herself to sleep was very time consuming and difficult process. We hope to skip that. Also, Makaylee doesn't understand, leave mommy alone while I rock the baby to sleep. She already has to give up time with me while I am nursing him. Sometimes I can lay Kaiden in the co-sleeper and he goes to sleep with only a couple patting and shushing trips along with replacing the paci sometimes. Sometimes I put him in the swing and he falls asleep. So I let sleeping babies lie, and he takes a nap in the swing. At night he fights going to sleep a bit more, and it can take me anywhere from 20 min to an hour to get him to fall sleep in the co-sleeper.

We have started introducing the potty to Makaylee. We are reading potty books, and watching elmo potty time video, which she loves and is addicted to. We have a potty seat in the bathroom, and she usually sits on it about once a day. We are working on introducing the concept right now. I bought some pampers that have a "feel wet" liner, but she was not bothered by it at all. We have not had a successful potty trip yet, but I am in no rush at the moment. Although it would be nice to only have one in diapers, it is difficult to get her to the potty as often as I need to with Kaiden wanting to nurse. Maybe once we have all settled into a routine we can really start focusing on it.

That is about it for right now~

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