Tuesday, October 21, 2008

video's as promised :)

Last year at the pumpkin patch it started raining and Makaylee and Bailey had a BLAST jumping in the mud puddles. Time for a flash back video:

So when we told Makaylee we were going to the pumpkin patch she kept talking about jumping in the puddles. We have a DVD of video's of Makaylee and she loves to watch it, so she has seen that same video several times. On Saturday she did not seem interested in jumping. But on Sunday she said she wanted to jump in the mud. Well in the past year Makaylee has developed a fear of being dirty. We call her our little ocd girl. Don't get me wrong, she has NO problem with toys being all over the place. But heaven forbid she gets dirt on her hands, or her face or hands are sticky. We have two dogs that shed and if she has dog hair on her feet she freaks out and sits down to brush it off. The only exception to this is Chocolate. If she is helping me bake she gets chocolate all over herself and she has NO problem with this. Back to the point. So this is what happened at the Pumpkin patch when she tried to jump in the mud:

And just to give fair share, here is Kaiden enjoying the hay:

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