Monday, July 14, 2008

Scrapbooking pages of auntie Sarah

So Mike's sister Sarah came to visit us for a week. I scrapbooked some pages of her visit. The journaling says:
Auntie Sarah came to visit us. Kaiden, at 6 months was not to impressed, but Makaylee is in love with Auntie Sarah. We all had a great time playing around the house. Makaylee showed Auntie Sarah how she can cook pancakes in her own kitchen, and how she loves to sing along to her Elmo CD's. We went to the park and fed the ducks, went to the freedom festival, watched the fireworks, visited the spray park, and went on several walks looking for the neighbors kitty. Makaylee also discovered a new activity of rolling penny's down the driveway. Auntie Sarah brought Makaylee a giant Elmo coloring book and markers, and Makaylee is still having a blast coloring in it. This was also a new experience for us because this is the first time someone came to visit and Makaylee realized they were gone when they left. She has asked for Auntie Sarah several times since she left. We are now looking foward to the next visit. Nana Hale comes next week!

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