Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2 steps foward 3 steps back

So this is the crib update. Kaiden slept in the crib guessed it 3:30am. At which point after going to bed at 9pm I had fed him three times, and had to give him his paci two other times. But at 3:30 am he decided he was done and wanted out so he started crying. So into the bed he went so Mike could get some sleep. Today, all naps successfully done in the crib. I swaddled him, and put him in the crib and he went to sleep with minor comforting. YAY! on that front. At this moment (10:45pm) he is in our bed *blush*. I put him to sleep at 8:20, and Makaylee to bed at 9 (don't ask). At 9:10 Kaiden was up crying. Makaylee was still awake playing in her room, and I want some alone mommy time since Mike won't be home from the airport till after midnight. So rather than fighting him to sleep in the crib, I quickly lost, and put him in the bed so I could watch some adult television and fold laundry. I know, exciting times :) I do plan on moving him into the crib after feeding him before I go to bed though.

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