Monday, January 14, 2008

Look what we did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike and I got to hold Kaiden! So, update for those who have not heard one in awhile. Kaiden had a miracle weekend and worked his way off the ventilator, skipping the CPAP, and going straight to oxygen tubes by Sunday. He was ready for feeding on Sunday, but at the first feeding at 1:00 he was to tired and tried to sleep through the feeding, so they had to put in a feeding tube. We went back to try again at his next feeding time at 5:00 and I got to feed him, but he had to stay in bed. Mike took his Mom and sister to the airport and then rushed back for the 8:00 feeding, and the night nurse brought a rocker over and let Mike hold Kaiden while he took his bottle. So Mike drove me to the hospital for the 11:00 feeding because we knew the night nurse would let me hold Kaiden for the feeding. We both fed him a bottle, and rocked him for about 30 minutes, Mike at 8 and me at 11. It was soooooooooooo wonderful to finally be able to hold him! I don't think I can describe how amazing it was to finally be able to hold Kaiden after watching him lay in bed for 5 days. We got to hold him again today! YAY! Other good news? Kaiden is off oxygen completely and breathing completely on his own! Oxygen tube was removed this morning and he was moved to a crib rather than the NICU bed. He is still in the NICU, but might actually be transfered to the intermediate care nursery tonight or tomorrow. He is still jaundice, so we have to get those levels down. He is currently at an 11.5 and needs to be at a 6. He only dropped a point all weekend, so slow progress there. Everyone is thinking that now that he is eating it should start dropping a lot quicker. I should be able to try and breastfeed him tomorrow. So here are pics of Mike and I holding Kaiden:

Here is my favorite picture of Kaiden so far:

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