Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kaiden might come home tomorrow!

Just a quick update. Kaiden's jaundice levels have dropped to an 8. So they took him off the lights and if his levels don't go up over the next 12 hours, then he *should* be able to come home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! We tried breastfeeding today, and he is a breastfeeding champ right from the start. We also took Makaylee down to see Kaiden today for the first time. She thinks he is really cool. She petted him, and gave him some kisses. She was completely okay with me holding him, but freaked out when we switched and Mike was holding Kaiden, and I was holding her. She is having some serious Daddy attachments right now. So all in all it was a GREAT day. I just hope tomorrow is even better because Kaiden is coming home!

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applepiesf said...

Yay, Sarah! I'm just now reading this on Wednesday, so I hope Kaiden is already home with you! Also, I'm thrilled that he is a great eater right from the start. All good news, and I couldn't be happier to hear it :)