Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pregnancy update

Well, there is really not much to update about yet. My first appointment still isn't for another 2 weeks. June 18, the day after fathers day. I am still exhausted and napping every afternoon with Makaylee. Then going to bed usually by 9, sometimes I can make it till 10. My morning sickness is coming and going throughout the day. I got a pill called morning sickness magic and it is really helping. The only problem is the cravings have started. If I am not craving something then I have to choke it down and it will usually upset my stomach. Last night I made dinner and everything tasted funny so I ended up not eating. Dinner was a basic marinated chicken, garlic bread, broccoli and potatoes with cheese. Everything was gross. LOL. Though Mike said that dinner tasted great to him! My belly is already starting to pop out a little bit, but truth be told it was still popping out from Makaylee :) So that is our update. Just waiting till our first appointment. We will have an ultrasound, so we will have pictures of baby then.

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Julie said...

Wow Sarah! Congratulations!!! I saw your post on pgattc and was thrilled to see your news.

I hope you remember me. I was your TTC Grad buddy when you were pg with Makaylee. I am sorry we've lost touch.

I wanted to say hi and a big congrats!!! Having two close together is really fun. I had a little girl in October 2006 when Jack was 18m old and it's been great fun.

I'm glad your iVillage siggy includes your blog link. I was reading through the posts and smiling all the time at how cute Makaylee is. Wow has she ever grown.

I hope your symptoms ease up soon. You are getting so close to the end of the 1T already!!! I'll be looking for your 1st appointment update.