Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Makaylee Update!

Our little toddler is still not toddling :) I think she is not walking just to drive us crazy! She is getting braver and starting to stand on her own a little more, but only for a few seconds. She is crawling at the speed of light though and can go from zero to in trouble in 2.6 flat :) Her favorite thing to crawl to is away from us and off the side of the bed. We have made several dive attempts to prevent her from going head first off the bed. She thinks it is the best gave ever!

Makaylee is getting really independent in her play. Basically if you are in the same room, she is good. She will play on her own and do her thing. But she doesn't like it when you leave the room. Luckily she can follow us by crawling. Our biggest problem with the crawling is Zoe is loosing her winter coat and there is white dog hair all over the floor. I vacuum almost every day and the floor is still covered in dog hair. Which means Makaylee's knees, and hands are covered in dog hair as well.

We got a swing and sand box for Makaylee out on our deck now. She LOVES both of them. She starts giggling as you walk out to the swing getting so excited to go on them. The sand box is only for bath nights because she is a pro at getting sand everywhere.

Well, that is about it for now. Hopefully we will be updating on the walking soon!

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Nat said...

Hey, it is natalie from iVillage. She is SUCH a doll. ;)