Saturday, February 17, 2007

We have a Beauty Princess in our house

So, we did what I swore we would never do. We probably will never do it again, but we put Makaylee in a beauty pagent. There was a small one at the local mall last weekend. So we entered Makaylee. There was a total of 7 girls in her under 1 age group. I took her on stage and stood her in the center in front of the judges and all the people. Our little ham started jumping and giggling. She is the only one who really smiled up there. So, little Miss Makaylee won her age group and she got most photogenic. She got a trophy about as big as she is, a sash and a crown. She, of cours, slept through the crowning ceremony and woke up at the very end. But we got some cute pictures none the less.

Makaylee's 9 month appointment was on Monday. She is 29" long - 90th percentile and 20 pounds - 70th percentile. She is really starting to even out in her weight. Don't get me wrong though, she still has a huge buddah belly :) Her favorite thing to do right now is play with her belly if she has no shirt on. She will pinch her chub and rub her belly like a pregnant lady. She sticks it really far out and will sit there slapping her tummy. It is so funny. All in all she is right on track. She got three shots. She does remember the DR's office now though. She was so happy when we first took her in there. The second we laid her on the table she started screaming bloody murder. Any time after that we set her on the table she would start screaming again. It was a long DR's appointment.

On Monday Makaylee stood on her very own on accident :) We were watching a baby einstein video and she was leaning back against me. I slowly scooted away. She stood really well for about 10 seconds until she realized she was standing on her own. Then she quickly got on her bottom. I got a couple pictures but they are not at good angles because I wanted to stay close in case she fell. After a couple times though she caught on to my trick and won't let me back away anymore. She grabs my hair to make sure I stay put. She also stood on her own a couple of times this week when she would accidently let go of the table, but would grab back on really quickly when she realized she wasn't holding on. So it is coming. Hopefully soon. I am so excited for her to walk! Here she is standing:

Wednesday was Valentines day, and here she is holding Mike's be mine decoration:

I snuck into Mike's office on Tuesday night when he thought Tabi and I were playing bingo and decorated his office in Valentine's Day decor. It was a huge suprise for him. We had a nice romantic dinner planned after Makaylee went to bed. You see Mike always cooks on Valentines Day. It is our tradition. He made stuffed chicken breasts which were incredible. But, here is Makaylee's idea of a romantic valentines day dinner:

You see she chose our romantic dinner to be the first night she sat up in her crib in protest of going to sleep. She has been getting herself into a sitting position for a couple of weeks now, but our dinner was the first time she has done it when we put her to bed. Lovely. She has also sat herself a couple of times now between 5-6 in the morning. We are really enjoying that. LOL

Makaylee had a touch of the stomach flu this week. She started pooping like crazy on Saturday and it just got worse from there. We spent the day out on Saturday and went through about 5 outfits, got poop on the car seat, floppy seat, on Dad, it was a great day. She then had diahrea all week. I took her back to the DR on Friday and she said it could last for 2-3 weeks. Luckily it seems like she is getting over it as the pooping has significantly slowed down. Thank goodness. I cannot tell you how much it sucks changing anywhere from 1- 3 poopy diapers an hour. That is a lot of wipes, a lot of diapers, and one unhappy baby. I am happy to announce that our normal DR is back from maternity leave so we did get to see her on Friday. Makaylee did not freak out in the office like she did on Monday. What a difference a DR makes :)

I have some video's but they are taking forever to load so I will share those another day.

Hope you enjoyed the updated, will end with this................

a couple of pictures of Makaylee in the bath. One of her favorite things to do:

and her passed out on Dad.

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