Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Peek a Boo Baby!

Makaylee can play Peek a boo now. She loves to do it now that she has caught on. She has always been a big fan of peek a boo but now she hides her own eyes with pretty much whatever she can get her hands on. Here is a video of her with a deflated ball. Yes, a deflated ball. I bought it at the Little Gym and she loves chewing on it flat. We blew up the ball and she started crying, so we let the air out and she was happy as can be. So we have a flat ball she loves. But here she is using it as a chew toy and peek a boo toy. Multi uses, gotta love it :)

Makaylee has also started trying real food. It comes from the never ending stare we get when we are eating. She wants to try whatever we have. So far she has tried egg yolks, they can only have the yolk until they are one, with some pieces of wheat bread. She LOVES the eggs. It is great for me too because she can feed herself so I can set her in the high chair with breakfast and pick up the kitchen and such, as long as I am in the same room. Here she is with her eggs:

We tried a baked yam, that was not a hit, I don't think she liked the texture. She had watermelon out of her mesh feeder for the first time and choked, so Mommy panicked and took all the watermelon away. She likes chicken, turkey and tomatoes. So far I think that is all she has tried. Oh and oatmeal. She LOVES oatmeal. I have oatmeal pretty much every morning for breakfast. At first I just gave her a couple tastes, but now we pretty much share it every morning. Every time Makaylee see's me with a bowl she gets all excited thinking it is oatmeal and wants a bite. At 9 months you start making the slow transition from getting most of their nutrition from formula to real food. By 1 she should be getting the majority of her food and nutrition from real food. So that is a big change.

We found a new walk behind toy that has resistence to it, so we got that for Makaylee and she does really well with it. She can even use it on the hardwood floors. Mike about died when he got home from work one day and she walked to him to greet him at the front door with her toy. Here is a little video of her walking with it. Elmo was on TV so she was trying to get as close to Elmo as possible.

A new thing Makaylee likes to do is stand at the baby gate and smash her face into it. LOL. I don't know why but she finds it so funny. Especially if we are on the opposite side. But we have taught her to give us a kiss through the gate which she loves to do. But she won't give us a kiss if it is not through the gate slats LOL. Here is a pic of her little smooshed face.

This week she also started sitting herself up from her tummy. She is doing it completley on her own, but for some reason she will not do it unless we are touching her. We don't help, just touch her. She is also starting to actually enjoy playing on her tummy. I will try and get a video of her moving around on her tummy. She is not crawling yet, but this is the first time we have put her on her tummy and she doesn't freak out or roll right back onto her back. So that is a good sign. Maybe she will crawl yet. I think it is a race to see what happens first crawling or walking. She is not standing on her own yet, but it will come.

Makaylee has had cradle cap for about two weeks now. Tabi suggested rubbing baby oil onto her scalp to help re-moisturize the scalp. So I gave it a try and I got a grease ball for a daughter. As you can imagine with all her hair the baby oil did not come out easily. So I drenched her hair in baby powder to help absorb the oil. It did the trick, but before I washed it out I had a grayed hair 8 month old baby. Hear is a picture of it:

And, just some cute pictures in closing :)

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