Sunday, May 17, 2009

Candyland Birthday Party

My baby is 3! Can you believe it? I cannot believe she is 3. Her party was Saturday, and Makaylee was sooooooooo excited. Maybe so excited is an understatement. She talked non stop about her candyland birthday party all week and kept begging to go to it. Of course it was the normal combo party with Bailey. Bailey is 4! So her are some pictures going backwards.
Here are the girls blowing out the candles:

Here is the candyland cake. Makaylee says she made it and Mommy helped. All the fondant work took me days to do, and it was my first tiered fondant covered cake, but I am happy with the results. Of course it was destroyed in seconds!

For the main activity we had a candyland board drawn on the sidewalk. The kids drew colored cards and played the game for real. As they passed each station they got candy building their goody bags as they go. Makaylee and Bailey were the only two who lost interest in the game and took off halfway through. But it was still fun!

Here is the sugar cookie trail on the candyland table set up.

Here is our candyland table. There was a ton of candy! The kids were thrilled, the parents, not so much. But they got distracted by the water balloons, bounce houses, and candyland game real quick.


kari said...

So cute Sarah!

mom said...

Great Job! You did a fantastic job on all the stuff!

Miss you guys,

Love, Mom


Not So Exciting Andi said...

Everything looks amazing! I can't believe how gorgeous the cake is. Fantastic job!

mackyton said...

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