Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My messy house

Anyone who has taken one step into my house knows that we have an overwhelming amount of toys. Toys that Makaylee has gotten, toys that Auntie Tabi has passed down from Bailey to Makaylee that are now hanging around for Kaiden to use, and the large baby toys, like swings, jumperoo's, etc.

Mike caught me taking pictures of the messy house. He cannot understand why I wanted to take pics of a messy house. I told him it was simple, some day it would not be messy. Someday I will walk in the door and I will not see a walker, because both my babies will be walking. There will be no play food spread from one end of the house to the other because the kids will be told to play pretend. One of these days elmo will not be everywhere you look in my house, and blocks will not over run the floor. Play doh will not be spread out on the table, jumperoo's won't be an eye soar in the living room, and an exercauser won't be in the middle of my kitchen. Some day my house will be neat and clean, boring and quiet. I love it now. I love turning on the radio and hearing the doodlebops or elmo singing at me. I love knowing every song that all the fisher price toys sing. I love making a fool out of myself trying to squeeze through toddler size tunnels, toddler size tents, dancing around to Elmo's world theme song, playing peek a boo in my walk in closet, or doing just about anything to see a smile or hear a laugh from my kids. It is a wonderful gift, and wonderful moments that I plan on enjoying.

My other problem is that Kaiden is not a very "self entertaining" baby. He likes to held, or have someone right in front of his face at all times when he is awake. Then, if he is sleeping, Makaylee wants her one on one time with Mama as well. She has been super cuddly lately. So her favorite thing to do is sit on the couch and read books or watch TV. She has not been very cuddly for the past couple of months, so Mike and I are eating up the cuddle time while she is offering it. Bailey also started coming over, and have an almost 3 year old and an almost 2 year old running around the house can destroy a clean room in 2.3 seconds flat!

So, are you ready for my house before we pick up when Bailey comes over? If you are a neat freak, do not read any further!

Makaylee's room:

Living room:


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me said...


I feel so much better to know another's house gets as messy as mine!!

I only have one little one a 3 year old boy, but I have 5 pets and a work from home husband too in a very small house.

I've also been on medications for my heart since I had my son that make me tired, so I spend all my energy on Finn while i have it and do the housework "later".

The problem is now my husband and I want to adopt and we have to clean up the house and do a few repairs to do a homestudy - uhg!! I so don't want to do this, but I must!! I think it will take several months.

Anyway, Thanks so so so much for sharing your messy pictures. You are an angel!!