Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Guilty Confession

Ok, so here is my guilty confession for the day. Makaylee is really napping. Not just a 30 minute nap like I normally get. She has been asleep for 2 hours! This is the first real nap in WEEKS! Mike's mom is coming to visit tomorrow and my house is a mess. Total disaster and I really need to get it cleaned. Since Makaylee has been taking little short naps lately, I am talking 10 - 30 minutes I get no me time and no time to clean the house. So really I should be spending this long nap time cleaning the house so it at least looks presentable when Penny comes tomorrow, but I aint. I am spending it getting some much needed me time on the computer. Guilty, I know. But hey, a girl needs a break every now and then. I don't even get a break when Mike comes home lately since Makaylee is going through this Mom phase. Because of the no nap status she is a total crank at the end of the day. Also it has been really hot here, So when Mike holds her she gets to hot, and is already cranky, so she starts screaming, and doesn't stop till Mom holds her. I love my daughter more than anything, but really, a break every now and then wouldnt' be so bad. But this nap gave me time to set up this blog for all those who have been asking me to update my website lately.

Well, I am going to get some stuff done now. But I will end my blog with some cute pictures!

I love this picture, don't know why. I had just washed Makaylee's hair and it is curly right after a bath, but dry's stick straight, but here it is curly:
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Here is another picture of Makaylee helping me with the laundry, such a good little helper:
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